Atlas route released!

Hi guys! It's been a few months, thanks for waiting so patiently for the next installment of The Dream Alchemist!

Atlas' route is a shared with Felix's route, so there are actually two LIs to romance in this one.  

We join Felix and Nova as they separate from Theo and travel to Caedoe, Nova’s birth country, in search of her lost family.

But Nova quickly notices that Felix is pretty hesitant to return home, and wonders what (or who) is waiting for him.

They arrive to find a country entirely unprepared for war and in a dire state of drought, and an empress who is fonder of her garden than she is of her people.

When Felix is thrust back into his royal duties, Nova is left to her own devises, and finds she is treated with suspicion by nearly everyone. After all, she was once an Alchemist Spy for the country they will soon be at war with.

In her loneliness, Nova enjoys a little harmless flirting with Atlas, the serious and rather quiet guard who tails her everywhere, despite the rules that forbid guards from forming romantic relationships.

Will she befriend Atlas, despite his wariness of her?

Or will she find ways to see Felix, regardless of the warnings against it?

And what if she likes them both? After all, there seems to be a little tension between the prince and his guard, what else is there to unravel?

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Aug 18, 2022

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I'm kind of confused about this route. I know it's shared with Felix's route, but I don't understand what that means for the game as a whole. Does Felix not have a route of his own, or is it just not released yet?


Hello! Felix has his own route. When I originally wrote the demo, Felix had two routes, but I decided that might be too repetitive. I later introduced a new character who wasn't in the demo - Atlas. 

But because of the way I wrote the demo and storyline, Felix was still heavily involved in that path of the story. He needed to be around. 

So Atlas' route is mostly his own, with some optional scenes with Felix.

Felix's solo route (released next) will be his proper route. It will delve deeper into who he is and explore his and Nova's relationship beyond the surface level shown in Atlas' route.

I hope that's cleares up some confusion!